Tzemach Moshe Comp Technologies was founded in 1986 by Tzemach Moshe and is located in Park Afek in Rosh Ha’ayin.
The company was founded by Tzemach Moshe and employs employees, most of whom have been working with the company for many years.

In 2023 the Company have been Acquire by the AY Group .

Tzemach Moshe has a reputation and experience of more than thirty years in the field of electronics. The experience and knowledge we have accumulated over the years has placed us ahead of all subcontractors in the field of electronic assemblies. In addition, we earned many satisfied customers who have been with us for many years, and whom over the years have become good friends that feel at home with us.


Gershon Katzir


Tzemach Moshe

Company technologist

Ashkenazi Alona

Director of marketing and procurement

Yahav Havatzelet

Director of Production Planning and Supervision

Dicker Luba

Production Manager

Gridi Yakir

Director of the Department of Mechanics

Quality Statement

As a policy, the Company will strive to establish its position as a leading company in the field of electronic circuits assembling.

This aspiration will be concurrent with and based on the manager and staff’s strive for quality and excellence in all the areas of the company’s operations, with the aim of meeting the expectations and demands of its customers.

In Addition, the Company qualified with the following Certificate :


The strive for quality will be expressed in setting quality norms, procedures for the processes practiced by the Company, managing the risks and opportunities generally accepted in its line of work, as well as for promoting the human resources in accordance with the objectives presented by the management.

Our Customers: